Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday November 30

This Friday morning, I woke up (fifteen minutes before the alarm) from a funny dream with Prashanat in it. The last part of the dream was that I learned from him that he has been awarded a special phone line at the university cafe where he studies and to which he has been receiving many calls-:)

Prashanat was introduced to me in New York by my Iraqi friend, Hayfaa'. I have known him for only five months, and he is already in my dreams? He was the first person to give me an encouragement to go to India and was helpful in providing information as well as introducing me to two of his Indian friends in Mumbai in case I need something when I am there. This along with the presence of my old friend, Pankaj, in Bombay helped encourage me to finally make this long-awaited trip happen. Prashant is studying for his Ph.D. in New York.

Last night I received a mobile text message from beloved Shammi Kapoor telling me that he can see me after December 10 because his house was being painted. He basically made my day as I was worried having not heard from him for two weeks.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

First Post

I will be writing my diaries while in India.
This is my first visit to India.
I am excited and worried at the same time!


I will answer this question upon arrival in India

I have traveled all over Europe and the Arab world, around the USA,
to Turkey and to South Korea, never have I felt before the desire to write my diaries and publish them except once when I visited Baghdad in 2005!!!

Till today, November 29, 07, I have not found
direct contacts for glorious Vandana Shiva
May the positive power of nature works its way to lead me to her

I love to contact and, if possible, to meet Shabana Azmi, but her email address bounced back with a failure notice when I replied to an email that included her address!

I look forward to meeting with old friend
Pankaj Patel (after 20 years), Shammi Kapoor and Asha Parekh

Today I called the violinist sisters, Lalitha and Nandini, who live
in Channei. Last time I called them was five years ago. Luckily they
are still reachable at the same number. I had to call long distance a second time to get their email address spelled, and then found out that their address is still the same!