Friday, December 21, 2007

November 30 Evening At Logan Airport

She took my brand new toothpaste (not yet open) and three water bottles. "Yes, but why?" I said. They were not even opened." We can't let you take that much liquid. "OK, let me drink one right here in front of you." Then she said the most impractical and unreasonable thing; "you will need to stand in line to be checked again." She said this putting in mind that my water bottles were the smallest size sold in stores, which means it takes about 15 seconds to drink all the bottle. When they use threatening and ultra unreasonable vocabulary and rules, of course one would give up and let go. Stand in line again? The annoying thing was that I was not only thirsty, I was dehydrated. So seeing my spring water bottles taken away from me was really upsetting. This image came to mind as I was grinding on my teeth with frustration.

Another security woman, in the middle of this conversation, had the audacity to tell me to go buy water from the store!! How much more can people put up with experiencing this absolute USA government power, which had infected European, African and Asian airport regulations? The world's airports have been aping the USA's model.

I would have exploded at these corrupt so-called security, impractical and ultra authoritarian staff had I not been IRAQI and had I not kept George Carlin's comedy in the back of my mind. He is the USA's best stand up comedian ever and a rare case of political correctness. Some of his funny punch lines came to my mind as a way to ease my suffocation from airport employees' senseless interrogation and expectations, most of whom don't even have college degrees: (airplane safety) (airport security)

The virgin Atlantic flight was average and the food was barely OK. Eventhough I made prior reservations for my meal and seat, they changed the seat number and so I requested to move again.