Saturday, December 22, 2007

Meeting My Brother

After dinner at Logan airport, the Virgin Atlantic flight to London took six hours and ten minutes instead of the usual seven and a half. "There was a wind," they said! So basically, our flight was tampered with by air:) As as a result, we arrived in London at 6:10 am on Saturday, December 1st.

My next flight connection to Bombay was at 9:45 pm, so I had more than fifteen-hr stay. I spent some time in the airport to charge my phone and make some calls. Then I called my brother and we met at the cemetery where my father was buried since both my brother's flat and the cemetery were close to Heathraw Airport. We went to two places after the cemetery including a restaurant to have dinner and then we headed back to the airport. I hadn't seen him since the dramatic family day of September 24, 2006.